Putting March behind me!

March was a doozie!  Just a couple weeks ago I was unexpectedly laid off due to cutbacks.  Since I was the newest in the department, I was the first to be let go.  I was definitely shocked. Then, honestly, I got a little regretful.  Just a couple of weeks prior to this, I dropped the courses in my Masters program since I didn’t have enough vacation days to do the necessary observation hours. I also regretted turning down a teaching position last year and taking this job instead.  I regretted leaving a job with people I love for a bigger paycheck (which at the time was necessary). 

On the other hand, I also spent the weeks prior wondering how on earth I would ever find the time to prepare for baby Olivia.  I found myself constantly talking to God about this concern, stressed about not being able to take much time off once she got here, and feeling disappointed that I would not be able to be there for her physically as an infant.  Once I got over the initial shock of being laid off, I felt peace, excitement, and motivation.  

My dad also sold his house in March. This meant spending many miles on the road to travel to and from his place to help him pack. This was an exhausting task being nearly seven months pregnant! But, it’s done, and he is in his temporary home until he finds a new place.  Then we will be back in the moving process!

My sweet husband also had some bad health news in March.  We both remain positive and optimistic and will control what we can in regards to health.  That means we will actually be focusing on nutrition and wellness, something that we both have put on the back burner. 

I’m definitely relieved March is behind me!  I’ve enrolled in summer school full time. I have lists on lists on lists of tasks I want to complete and crafts I want to make before she gets here. I get to enjoy these precious moments of preparation, and I get to take care of my little family, in more ways than just financially.   I am forever thankful for these moments! 

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